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All the following astrology reports will be sent by e-mail.

30 to 35 pages £ 25

This report with a feminine slant, looks not only at the basic issues of natal astrology, but includes sections on how to develop the mind, intuition and spiritual path. Among other things it covers Projecting Your Real Self, Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self, Owning Your Inner Masculine Self, Developing Your Mind, Your Special Edge, Issues of Nurturing and Home Creation, Meeting the World on Your Terms, Opening Your Heart, Issues of Power, Sex, Control and Money and Embracing Your Divine Self. An in-depth look at who and what you are and who and what you have the potential to become. Wheel and chart included.

approx. 20 pages £18

An in-depth natal report including wheel and astrological summary. It looks at Life Goals, Home, Education and Communication, Relationships, Motivation, Career and Ambitions, Creativity and Originality, Challenges in Life and Purpose and Joy. A complete look at your natal chart and how the planets affect your destiny. Explore your emotional needs and inner feelings and learn more about your general characteristics and life patterns.

approx. 20 pages £16

Detailed wheel and chart analysis report. A natal report which looks at the effect on you of all the constituents which make up your chart. It analyses the balance of zodiac signs, elements, houses, modes etc. and their effect on you and your behaviour. It looks at how the zodiac signs in the houses affect you and then goes on to report on the position of each planet in your natal chart and how they interact with the zodiac signs and the houses. A report that is perhaps for those with a little more knowledge of astrology but anyone can gain a very useful insight into understanding inner feelings, potential, aptitudes and good and not so good characteristics. A useful insight into many different life factors may be gained from this report

Compatibility Report
approx. 20 pages £25

This report compares two people to see if they are of a compatible nature. It analyses their individual character traits and also looks at the primary forces and personal issues at work in their relationship.