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Healing, Bach Flower Remedies and Reiki

I work from home in my comfortable and peaceful healing room overlooking the garden with its variety of trees and plants, birds and pond with waterfall.

With all the therapies I offer I usually like to start each session with a period of time set aside to allow the person seeking help to unwind and talk over any problems and worries. This in itself can be quite healing.



I trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers Healing Trust. I work on an individual basis using a variety of techniques, such as Sound, Colour and Guided Visualisation and Spiritual Intuition to achieve the balance and well-being of my client.
Healing may bring about an immediate sense of improvement or may work more slowly. Most sessions result in a feeling of relaxation and renewal, with the body seeking to adjust and heal itself in whatever way is necessary.

Bach Flower Remedies

I am a Registered Practitioner in the Bach Flower Remedies with the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation. I am also a Mentor for students on their Distance Learning Programme. I have gained my knowledge over many years and trained at Mount Vernon, home of the late Dr. Bach. I work on an individual basis and suggest remedies to help my client achieve a healthy state of balance within their own personality type, resulting in a feeling of peace and harmony


I am a Reiki Master Healer. Reiki means Universal Life Energy. The Reiki healer is attuned to this energy source in a system of healing rediscovered by a Japanese man, Dr Mikao Usui, in the 19th. Century. This vibration emanates joy and life, bringing healing and balance as energy blockages are released and vitality increased.