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I want to say something about what I have written above ie. words. I love words. I love reading them but I also love to write them. To arrange words into poetry or prose gives me great pleasure. I also enjoy trying to write song lyrics. Words and music combined can have a very powerful effect, often reaching hitherto untapped depths of the human psyche. Which brings me to another of my loves, music.

To digress slightly. When children are very young they have entered this world as very spiritual beings. They have spiritual abilities which we as adults, and often by then having lost these abilities, sometimes spend years trying to get back. Young children often speak of their imaginary friends and their pictures depict bright colours around the subjects portrayed. It is more than probable that the child is still in touch with those in the spirit world and also has the ability to see people's auras. Children also have distinct likes and dislikes and as they grow and become more creative, talents will emerge. Unfortunately life often gradually erodes the spiritual abilities, and sometimes the talents are also put on the backburner and they all become somewhat dormant.

It is said that for an adult to find a true passion or talent it can be quite enlightening to think back to childhood. Sometimes we are lucky and have kept in touch with our soul song, or what makes us tick, but so often we have lost touch with this part of ourselves. At least to a greater extent. Which brings me back to words and music. As a child I used to read voraciously. I used to write stories and illustrate them. I wrote plays and put on performances with my papier mache puppets. My favourite, and hence highest marked, subject at school was English composition. I also loved to create music, and played the piano and recorder. As I got older the words and music were not able to have such a prominent place in my life and as such my life became more mundane and I felt as if something was missing. However it was not something that I could put my finger on. In recent years however various events have channelled me back into reading and writing more but the biggest breakthrough was returning to music and taking this a step further than when I was a child, in being given the opportunity to write, perform and record it with another. This gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction.

For me it was also good to work with someone else and enjoy a shared input of ideas and also a final creation that seemed somehow greater than the sum of the two parts. In my professional, spiritual life I work alone. I do have the occasional exchange of ideas and the continued and valued support from colleagues who are in a similar field to mine but I see clients on a one to one basis. 

More recently I have also returned to painting, the illustrating of my childhood. I am doing Chinese Brush paintings once again and have also returned to Encaustic Art, after a gap of very many years. Both these methods of painting give me enormous pleasure. 

To live a spiritual life and to truly enjoy life and feel satisfied at a soul level I think it is necessary to seek out, or if you are very  lucky it will seek you out, that which satisfies your soul longing. Be it dormant talents that can bring so much pleasure when released, or certain people who lift and enlighten you, you will know when you are on the right track. So we can learn a  lot from children and especially from our own inner child who knows better than anyone what is best for us.

'If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer - let him step to the beat he hears however measured or far away.' Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862 )