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Magazine Review

 Fate and Fortune magazine puts Susie to the test with two people picked at random from the street for short on-the-spot readings. 

Witnessed by Monica Cafferky

Emily 17 student

Susie says 'You're at a crossroads and are unsure which way to go. I'm picking up on a romantic problem but I know you don't want me to go into that. I think a career in tourism would be right for you. I feel a strong link with foreign countries and people. Recently you have been working too hard on your college assignments, but I can now see you making new friends and enjoying yourself more.'

Emily says 'I'm studying travel and tourism and would love to work abroad. I have had a romantic problem and I don't want to talk about it, so Susie is dead right there! I do spend most nights studying when I should be out having fun. The mention of new friends has cheered me up as some of my mates left college recently. I thought the reading was pretty impressive.' 

Clairvoyant Susie, also uses astrology and tarot in her client work. 'I've been working professionally for over 25 years,' she says. 'My aim is to empower people and to give them the confidence to deal with whatever they are grappling with. I feel this is my calling in life.'

Matt 22 team leader

Susie says 'There's an issue that's keeping you awake at night, but I want to tell you that I see a new beginning for you. You just need to take that leap and  an opportunity will present itself. In fact, I can see a new career for you. You need to take time out to meditate too, as this will help with your high stress levels. There's also a new relationship, which looks good. It's all heading in the right direction for you.'

Matt says 'Susie's right - I'm worried about where my life is going. I'm desperate for a career change but unsure about which way to go. Susie has made me more determined to make things happen. I've been with my girlfriend for a few months,so it's good to know that it's all going well. I can't see myself meditating, but I do relax if I listen to music so maybe I'll do more of that. The reading's left me feeling more positive.'